My Videos

I have made many videos for people including but not limited to: Sneak Peek's, Memmorial DVD's for deceased family members, going away party video, music videos, motion movies, and much more. Other services I can do that are not listed on this site: picture editing, photo enhancing, video editing, etc... If you have a question, please let me know by going to the "Contact Us" page of the website. Feel free to click and watch the examples of my work. To see more in that category, click view more.

*New   Sneak Peeks

I started advertising for one of my clients, eBay seller: Discovery626. Every few weeks they want a video animation done to advertise the products they have for sale.
Click below to see some of the projects I have done for them.

More Sneak Peek Videos

*New  Memorial DVD

This is a memorial DVD I made for my great uncle when he passed away. He loved golf and his wife. The songs in the video are:

Amazing Grace - Chris Tomlin
How Great Thou Art - Carrie Underwood
A Mighty Fortress - Maranatha! Promise Band

More Memorial videos

This music video represents the Patriotism of the United States of America. With the song "God Bless the USA" by the artist Jump 5, the video and slideshow of pictures represents our Independance that we all celebrate on July 4th.

Click here to see more music videos.

*New   Motion Movie

This is my greatest work in my opinion. I spent 2 weeks on this 2-minute long video. There are more effects that were used in this short video than all my others projects combined. I made this video completly from scratch using the program called Motion4 from Apple. Motion4 is a computer animation program.

Click here to see amazing 3D movies.

Here is what is called a Motion Background. This too was created with Motion4, but instead of being a themed video, it is used as a backdrop for movies, animation, DVD menu's, and more.

Click here to see more motion backgrounds.

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