My Motion Projects

I have a theme behind each video I create. Some are scary such as He's A Pirate and some are music
videos such as Mortal Kombat. The Jerome and the Crossblade video is one of my latest and I'd say my best. I even include a video representing the wondrous Basketball Champions - The Lakers.

-- **Please press play on any and all videos you would like to see of my work.

This is my greatest work in my opinion. I spent 2 weeks on this 2-minute long video. I had to Photoshop many pictures of the characters and backgrounds. More effects were used in this short video than all my others projects combined. This video is based on an upcoming book i am writing, titled "Jerome and the Crossblade". As you can see it is a Medieval Fantasy. This 3-D Animation video I created helps bring my story to life!

One of the longest Motion videos I have created, Mortal Kombat is a fan-video to the popular movie Mortal Kombat. Around 2 minutes long this video brings together many surprises including: Text and Picture Animation, Video of Movie, and other Special Effects such as Lord Raedon's lightning.

My first project to be completed using the wonderful program called Motion. It is completly loopable which means it can be played over and over. Laker Champions is one that won't be forgotten.

Completed January 8th 2011, He's a Pirate has the Pirate theme behind it and took many programs to create this video. Some of those programs include: Final Cut Motion, Photoshop CS4, Soundtrack Pro, and Garageband.

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