Here are the video servies we can provide.

                        Description of Service                                                  Price

Have your movies and memmories transfered from
your VHS tapes to DVD. VHS tapes deteriorate
and you should preserve your memmories digitally
on a DVD. DVD's can be played on VCR's, DVD players,
Computers, and in Blu-ray Players.
(Each DVD can hold up to 2 Hours of video)

$20ea. DVD

Remember that beautiful vacation you went on or
the day you were married? All those memories you recorded on your camera can be transfered to a DVD for viewing on a computer and TV screen!

(*Added features upon request with additional cost)
Click here for more info

*$50 per DVD

Want a movie or picture slideshow made for a deceased loved one? Have a memorial DVD made in honor of them. Choose which package you want.

1-49     $60
50-99   $85
100+    $100
Want to share your DVD with friends and family?
Have copies made for only $5 per DVD.
$5ea. DVD

*To learn about how many pictures or videos can be put on a CD or DVD, please click here.


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