*New!  Sneak Peek Videos:

I think I have outdone even myself. This is my latest and my favorite sneak peek thus far, finished on Sunday, 3/11/2012. It has the Pirates of the Caribbean theme to it. I used many songs and effects for this one. My favorite parts are the intro when i used the underwater effect and also the pirate treasure. It took me four straight days to make this 5 1/2 minute long video, but as you can see it was well worth it.

This is another favorite sneak peek video, created on 3/2/2012. I thought the Matrix would be a great theme to do. As you watch the video, you are transported into the Matrix. Once inside, you can't tell if you are awake or dreaming. Here we see Neo watching in disbelief as his computer is taken over with Boy Scout stuff. We end up finding out the core of the Matrix is built on 3 letters, B.S.A.

I just had to do it. I created a sneak peek with Superman as the theme. Created on 2/12/2012, I made superman question his wits when he flies side by side with Boy Scout pins and patches. You should see the look on his face.

This is also one of my favorites. This was created on 1/29/2012 and I call this sneak Peek "Cinematic", for it has alot of great motion-backgrounds and cinematic (theatrical) music. When showing the Knights of Dunamis patches, the trumpets and drums sound like that of crusader knights coming home from a battle victory. It has a great medieval feel to it.

This Sneak Peek has a space theme. It was created on 11/27/2011. You can't beat the Starwars theme song when it shows the  expensive renowned Harmon Pin. The astronut was added in the beginning for kicks. He is holding a sign that says, "Discovering New Deals" - a trademark by the ebay seller Discovery626.

This was one of my earlier sneak peek projects. Created on 11/20/11, this sneak peek video is very relaxing as you are floating up in the clouds. Some call it Boy Scout Heaven.

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