Photoshop Edited

Prince of Persia

   Before                                                                                                                   After

I took out the Disney Watermark, Put in the Title of Prince of Persia,
made saturation higher of their clothes (his pants are black and belt bright red),
I also enhanced the Yellow/orange color for the sand and blue for the light.

Your Face Here

Legend of the Seeker Promo Picture - >                          Your Face Here ->                                     Personalized Photo

Have your face on any hero or villan, become apart of your favorite movie!

Narnia 8X10

Narnia was a fun picture to edit. I grabbed a nice ocean background, all the characters from the show,
got the Narnia movie title and photoshopped them all together to make one large fan photo.
It took a few hours to make, but the outcome was well worth the effort.

Bladestorm PS3 Game

In this Bladestorm picture, you have the official wallpaper, title, and all the characters in one photo.

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