Here are the photo servies I provide:

                      Description of Service                                                Price

1) Have your Pictures transfered onto a Data CD.


2) Turn your pictures into a slideshow onto a DVD.
(music included, up to 3 songs of your choice)
$15ea. CD

$25ea. DVD

Ever wanted to have a music CD of just the songs
you want to hear? Now you Can! Just pick your
favorite songs, make a list of them, and I'll do
the rest. You can have anywhere from 10-14 songs
on a custom made music CD.

$20ea. CD

Transfer Files from a USB, Harddrive, etc. to a CD. (storage capacity per CD is 700MB)

$20ea. CD

*To learn about how many pictures or videos can be put on a CD or DVD, please click here.


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